Same-Sex Marriage Rights Adviser
- Where can we get married or get another type of union?
- Where and how would our marriage or union be recognized?
- How would marriage or another union affect our legal rights?

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For straight couples, the decision to get married is relatively, well, straight-forward: You're in love, the time is right, you get married, and you get a lot of legal benefits that are recognized by every U.S. state and the federal government. But for same-sex couples, that decision is more complicated because you need to consider each of the big questions shown above.

What this Adviser Will Do for You: Based on where you live and other factors, this Adviser will summarize your legal options for marriage or another union and tell you how your legal rights may be affected by marriage or another union. Just click below for a short, anonymous interview(about 1-3 minutes) and a customized reportprepared just for you.

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